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A Life of Exploration, Finance

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Worthy Evans’ poem Columbus Day 10/10/2011 appeared here in August 2012.

A Life of Exploration, Finance

By Worthy Evans

When the time seemed right, when I had given
the required effort at moving the lever
around within the circle, I gave birth
to an old man. He had a benign look
on his face, as if he had done something
horrible and forgotten it, or had
seen something horrible and was gladdened
by it. Time slowly reached out and pulled him
forward into a door shaped like my arms.
My old man never grew young. My old man
stayed with me in my years as a trainee,
as I tried to fit in with all the other
pilots who wanted to become astronauts.
Our desert was hot and dry but we liked
Viewing the paint job from our spacecraft seats.
Every morning I would leave my old man
to enter the space lab but he never
complained. I found him once sitting in a 
truck that was buried in sand. He said he used
the experience to see what it was like
to sit in a spacecraft. My old man grew up,
moved out, shot himself into the venture
capital business. I call him up
every once in a while. How’s my little
moon baby?
 I ask. From my new home in
a dry sea, I hear him jump up and down
and clap hard with his meaty hands.
Never better da! Never better da!

One Response to “A Life of Exploration, Finance”

  1. This is a magical, graceful poem. It lifts my spirit and inspires me. Rare, indeed, especially so early in the morning.

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