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06.13.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Lisa Drago’s poem untitled tanka appeared here in May 2013.

By Lisa Drago

It pains me to live
In a nation of greed
And exploitation
Imprisoned by
Oh so many
Deified masters
Of manipulation

We place no value
On youthful education
Yet extol virtues of college
And fancy vacations
Endless incantations
To the money-god

More and more
Bigger and better
All this to benefit
The super-rich
While millions
In our population
Suffer hunger
Lose their homes
Refuse adulation
Lack of moderation
Spirals into pain
My broken heart
Dreams daily
Of peace and justice
True mediation

There seems no end
To these tribulations
I pray for wisdom
And patience and hope
A world of brotherhood
Mutual appreciation

2 Responses to “Aches”

  1. Heartfelt. Something for us to think about.

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