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Michael Copeland’s most recent poem to appear here was “A Writer” (August 2018).

By Michael Copeland

Amidst the murder of crows
she stood in stark solitude,
a look of superiority upon her face

An ashen figure, contrasting the ebon day, giving poetic credence to her very surroundings.

High opinions not withstanding,
a glimpse of the other life
refreshed her life’s pentameter. 

Lily white ‘gainst the field of black,
mindfully understanding then,
whipping frenzy into their flight. 

No longer thus in sharp, pale,
contrast to the darkening sea,
as the wings pound skyward. 

She is left alone with but memories
of what was, and will never,
in her lifetime, be again.  

Passion is as passion will,
emotion bared and given all
welling in sacred sad heart. 

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