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Because (and a Translation Once Removed)

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K Leaman is a young writer who has recently finished her first novel. She is currently editing it and pursuing publication. Some of her work has appeared in Award-Winning Young Writers of America 2012. Visit her blog. This is a piece from her Translations collection, a concept that explores creativity and the limits and possibilities of technology-assisted communication. In this collection, K writes poems then runs them through Google translate into a number of other languages. She puts them through Google Translate again, this time back into English. The resulting poems paired with the originals create a sort of dialogue. 

By K Leaman

I write because I read, but none of those books say the words I want to hear.

I write because my fingers are callused from holding pens, and I am proud.

I write because I wrote, and now I can’t stop.

I write because I want to be heard, and my voice isn’t as loud as the words that I write.

I write because of the questions that no one can answer.

I write because of the answers that don’t have questions.

I write because I want to tell the truth by telling lies.

I write because of the authors and the poets, the writers who never wrote. I owe it to them
to write, to write for the people who don’t.

I write because anyone can put words on a page, but I want to bring them to life.

I write because I don’t want to write words, I want to write places and people,
just like an artist paints places and people. I don’t want to have my words seen,
I want their meanings seen.

I write because of the characters in my mind that only I can set free, the places only I can create.

I write because if I don’t my dreams will remain dreams, unknown, unheard.

I write because my words are my messengers.


via Google Translate

I have read, I write, but I do not want to hear any of the books.

Pen and paper by your fingers pride.

As I write, record, I cannot stop.

They want to hear, my voice is not strong enough, then you can write.

In fact, the answer is no, I have found.

The reaction does not mean I doubt it.

So I speak and write.

I am a writer, poet and writer, I write. Do you feel lonely? I cannot blame others.

I, artists, people, places, write, write, I participated in the draw. I saw it, I do not want to talk,
I want to know your opinion.

This is wonderful. I’m glad to hear I’m not writing. I do not sleep.

I have the name of God.


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