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Another Coffeehouse Night

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Summer Qabazard is a poet from England and Kuwait. She grew up mostly by the Arabian Gulf and now lives among the cornfields of Normal IL, where she is a PhD student at Illinois State University. 
Another Coffeehouse Night
By Summer Qabazard
A woman who works at the coffeehouse
sneaks chocolate chip cheesecake
twists it into her mouth
and taps the toe of her Birkenstocks
against the counter
flashing her new wrist tattoo
at everyone who comes in
she sings along with the
happy indie music brushing against
locally created
orange, blue, purple, green
abstract oil paintings on the walls
through the window the moonwind rattles
and sings hypnotic too.
every time the sun sets
love gas fills the coffeehouse.

2 Responses to “Another Coffeehouse Night”

  1. Debbie says:

    I enjoyed this, Summer! And I’m not too far away from you, in the gulf of cornfields.

  2. bobbie troy says:

    You captured that well.

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