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Art of Losing

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Lindsay Holeman’s most recent poem to appear here was “Let’s Away” (February 2018)

Art of Losing
By Lindsay Holeman

When I was seven, I lost a tooth.
There was a cave where my tongue kept going.
And I discovered that I was whole.

When I was ten, I lost a little toy.
A great search ensued, to no avail.
And I discovered that I was still whole.

When I was nineteen, I lost my car keys.
I thought I would need to walk around forever.
And I discovered that I was still whole.

When I was thirty-one, I lost you, sweet girl.
My furry daughter, the other piece of me,
I knew I would never again be whole.

One Response to “Art of Losing”

  1. Sandy Patton says:

    Lindsay, your poem says so much, with few words. Your last two lines literally broke my heart. There is little in this world harder to deal with than the loss of a beloved fur-baby. Beautiful job!

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