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As if by yourself the harness

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Simon Perchik’s most recent poem to appear here was “You begin to sweat, for hours” (April 2019)

By Simon Perchik

As if by yourself the harness
half branches, half marble
struggling to slow the moss

and around both shoulders
the crowd envies such a strength
–a fake! what they don’t see

is the iron bit that’s vaguely green
though it’s your jaws not these gates
that cannot move without you

—a belonging and yet this mold
is always in bloom, holding on
to one winter more

that needs flowers
the way all mourners kneel
and underneath the snow

look for a wagon not from wood
breaking down in front its fragrance
and where you stopped for water.

2 Responses to “As if by yourself the harness”

  1. H. Larew says:

    The opening line is just the first of many captivating ones in this fine poem.

  2. Sandy Soli says:

    Dear Simon, so happy to see another intriguing poem from you!

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