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Attention Walmart Shoppers

02.18.14 Posted in today's words by

Frank Cavano’s most recent poem to appear here was When You Ride With Me (August 2013).

Attention Walmart Shoppers
By Frank Cavano

Found a good one today.

Three wheels going north,
one west doesn’t make
much of a cart but I

found a good one today.

Straight ahead without
hesitating, it’s easy on
my back. Made that sharp

right from dairy to frozen
foods without balking,
stopping. Got me a keeper!

Nobody staring at me
today. It’s because I

found a good one today.

Last one was so noisy it
drew all the eyes and
some whispering, too.

Carts will sometimes do
that but this one’s my

Cadillac. Shiny, new and
silent as she goes. Oh, but

better get out of here now!
They see I’m not shopping.

Got to transfer my clothes,
my stuff from the old cart!

Sunny tomorrow and snow
will be gone from the streets.
I’m sure tomorrow will be

a great bottle-hunting day.


2 Responses to “Attention Walmart Shoppers”

  1. Mark Gooch says:

    Excellant poem and makes perfect sense. Great job….some day I might locate such a cart at Walmart.

  2. I’ve seen and experienced this before (the cart) LOL I have to ask are you taking the cart? They don’t collapse for easy storage. šŸ™‚

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