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Aurora Borealis

10.17.15 Posted in today's words by

Erren Geraud Kelly’s most recent poem to appear here was For Mama (September 2015).

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
By Erren Geraud Kelly

Sometimes you are visible,
a spirit dancing in the night. I’m Sirius
perhaps, you are a solar wind;
I surrender to your magnetic force
as you leave
a trail of stars behind;
they form a pattern in the sky,
revealing your shape. To
know your beauty,
is to see the colors in the night
like the spirits, you change colors
frequently, from pink, to green, to red.
They evolve into a geomagnetic storm;
I’m blinded by your science.

Holmes or Sam Spade have tried to
analyze your glow,
the electrical storm you leave behind
yields a cinematic sky, even the most
trained eye of a stargazer cannot decipher.
Even if Agatha Christie
could solve the mystery of your
she would be
reeling like me,
in the colors of electrons.


3 Responses to “Aurora Borealis”

  1. neil boble says:

    seems to be a word or maybe a line missing?

    “even if Agatha Christy
    could solve the mystery of your (???)
    she would be”

  2. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this ‘colorful’ poem. I could “see” the beauty in the colors, and learn the science in the writer’s intelligent words.

  3. Like this poem, the northern lights paint a pretty picture.

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