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Authors of Time

09.08.19 Posted in today's words by

Michael Copeland’s most recent poem to appear here was “Sea Glass” (August 2019)

Authors of Time
By Michael Copeland

If Oscar was Wilde and Thornton was Wilder
and Dorian was definitely Gray,
could mere mortal men, in haste,
and in time, be inspired by St. Vincent Millay.

True believers in writings by Washington Irving and snippets from George Bernard Shaw, also bought in to the thought that Bram Stoker had a serious deviant flaw. 

An affliction of sorrow approaching the ‘morrow in the words of Geoffrey Chaucer,
with a cup of warm coffee, sitting a lap,
a bit spilled in a porcelain saucer. 

While memories of Agatha Christie abound,
Rudyard Kipling’s words bring no solace,
the sisterly love of Louisa May Alcott
ring true in the walls of the palace. 

Jack Kerouac in foggy, mental like state,
Jules Verne in a league of his own,
With Miss Edna Ferber and Charlotte Bronte
of literary genius well known. 

Henry David Thoreau wrote by the pond,
F. Scott Fitzgerald on Gatsby’s great Spring,
And coursing the time D. H. Lawrence
spoke volumes on Chatterley’s passion fling

Edith Wharton wrote of Ethan Frome
‘neath the mantle of flame roaring bough,
Winter cold North is where Charles Dickens,
penned words, we harken to now.  

So I take my leave with a bow to the masses,
and a hope we all love to read,
with life always rushing headlong t’ward us
a fine book is a treasure we need.  

2 Responses to “Authors of Time”

  1. Paul Strohm says:

    I like my poets to know stuff and BE clever. This is clever. Thanks

  2. Quite the collection of entertainment. Yes, many a fine book or verse
    weaved into this piece of genius.

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