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Autumn Gardener

12.17.12 Posted in today's words by

Amber Fales is a 32-year-old registered nurse and aspiring poet who lives on Long Island with her fiance and their 3 children.

Autumn Gardener
By Amber Fales

You are a gardener
kneeling naked in her field
knuckle-deep in the dirt
metal tools lie cold and still
growing rusty red.
At this time of year
some would say you sow
little more than dead flowers.
But you have magic in your eyes.
You smile at the papery brown blossom,
you wink at the withered stem.
Death is not death to you
nor do you need any promises
of life after life.
You squat in your barren garden
and you know that what has left you
is gone
honey sadness says it is so.
But the soil between your toes
speaks in rhythms you understand
and tells another tale
that has already begun
in this season of supposed ending.

One Response to “Autumn Gardener”

  1. Nate Spears says:

    Nice write, very creative and vivid.

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