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Backyard Haiku

04.06.14 Posted in today's words by

Diana Raab’s most recent poem to appear here was Desire (March 2014).

Backyard Haiku
By Diana Raab

Lemon Tree

Bursting with lemons
The color of today’s sun
Early morning detox.

Rabbits Galore

Nibbles at vegetation
Cute hops
Wiggling ears
Run from the trigger’s sound.

Coyote Madness

Coyotes wander
Looking for my little white dog
Their eyes freeze mine still.

Buddha Heaven

Buddha in garden
Bestowing huge sense of calm
My dog falls asleep

Rose Thorns

Rose bushes stand tall
Thorns will hurt who touch them.
We should all be good.


One Response to “Backyard Haiku”

  1. I love Haiku. Nicely done.

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