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Josh Seymour’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Mortician” (October 2017)

By Josh Seymour

I gaze outside my window and see the layout
of mountains scattered throughout the plains
shooting out of the land like creatures hidden
beneath the earth. There is one of these great beings
that captures my eye, a behemoth of epic proportions
that reaches up to touch the sky. There has been many
a time where I have seen the Sun dip below its craggy face
and each time it seems as if the mountain has overcome the heavens
itself. With each passing day the behemoth grows ever stronger,
able to protect the ones around it with its strength and endurance,
never afraid to overcome any obstacle that stands in its way. I
am jealous of its presence, its courage, its determination
in the face of natural forces that can destroy it.
For one day I know that weathering and erosion will stop
the reign of this great behemoth outside my window,
he will fall and the rule of the land will once again go to someone
else. Until then, I know that when I look out at his rugged face
that he will be there for me, showing me that nothing
can stand in the way of me or him, and through his strength
I step outside and tackle what lies ahead.

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