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Never to Forget

11.29.17 Posted in today's words by

Glenn Johnson’s most recent poem to appear here was “Love’s Hearth” (September 2017)

Never to Forget
Dedicated to Morgan
By Glenn Johnson

Before you were a beautiful woman
You were a beautiful child
This I will never forget
Lend me pictures of your youth
Button-eyed to dewy-eyed
The sweetness of your journey
Pudgy hands
Toddling feet
Precious smile
Radiant in innocence
Memories cherished never to forget
Galloping on creation’s elegant beast
Reins delicate hands confidently grip
Nubile beauty and willfulness transfixed
Almost woman
First stolen kiss
The blush
Turning away
Over the shoulder
Impish look

Flower full blossom
More exquisite
This I will never forget
Knowing loveliness of your budding

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