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Bicycles and a Dog Park

11.24.14 Posted in today's words by

John Kaniecki’s most recent poem to appear here was Blueberries (August 2014).

Bicycles and a Dog Park
By John Kaniecki

Curious canines shuffling paws
Prancing dancing to an unseen band
Softly sniffing each other
As if bees delicately tending flowers
In the most urgent business
Of play
Fetching, rolling, running
Leashes unleashed
Finally free
If but in limited liberated lawn
A gathering at the outer fence
Boisterous barking
Growling and a howling
As passing bikers
Peddle in pleasure
Wheels whirl in circles
The riders smile in grandest fashion
As tourists on vacation
Discovering some obscure delight
Laughing, giggling
At the serious pack of dogs
Attentively peering
Rhythmically wagging tails
As cyclists buzz past
An afternoon in the park
Gone too fast


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