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Binary Contact

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Glenn Johnson’s most recent poem to appear here was Chemistry (September 2014).

Binary Contact
By Glenn Johnson

Computer to computer
Who are you?
Who am I?
Your heart?
My heart?
Do I aim true?
Should I aim at all?

Do messages of the heart safely travel the ethernet?
Do trust and tenderness reside in software?

Messages written and read
Composed and deciphered
Turned over and over
Analyzed and read aloud
Does the heart recognize its kindred self?
Does the ear hear words that are true?

In your words
I read a joyous spiritual mission
Sense an openness exposing wounds to light
Feel compassion bred from enduring one’s own travails

My heart is enthralled
Hopeful that this is a chance to dance
Optimistic about a joining of hands

By the way,
Have I mentioned?
I love the way you makes pixels vibrate and glow.


One Response to “Binary Contact”

  1. billgncs says:

    can true love be encrypted ? Nice

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