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The Box

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Marisa Gonzales lives in Cerritos CA. She waits patiently for what may never come. She is a realist with a big imagination. She likes to read books, drink coffee, and travel.

The Box
By Marisa Gonzales

It was April 28, our eighth month together.
He took me to a cafe for dinner.
It was chilly, but his windbreaker warmed me up.
He pulled me into his arms;
he was nervous and a little distracted.
I held his hand, but felt something was wrong.
Through dinner he was quiet, a little standoffish.
A wave of worry washed over me.
Then he pulled a Tiffany box from his pocket.
Inside the box was a promise ring.
He had me feeling blue ecstatic.

One Response to “The Box”

  1. What a beautiful picture. My husband was so nervous he could hardly get the words out. I suspect he was too.