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Bricks and Stones

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Jeanette Cheezum’s most recent poem to appear here was “Ritual” (December 2018)

Bricks and Stones
By Jeanette Cheezum

I traveled life’s road dodging bricks and stones.
When I arrived at a garden gate, I reveled for a 
short time of hope and sunshine.

I brought children into this world with hopes of 
the fulfillment of their lives.

They traveled life’s road, dodging bricks and stones.
Hoping they could live behind that garden gate,
revel in the sunshine and have heartfelt dreams
come true.

Life is a cycle, with good and evil, tradition and sacrifice.
Just as we realize this, God has other plans for us.

So dodge the bricks and stones. Stay on the best side ot the
garden gate. Cherish the parents, children, spouse and nature.
After all it’s the best that life has to offer.

2 Responses to “Bricks and Stones”

  1. Sandy Patton says:

    Jean, your words hit home in so many ways. We rush about in our daily lives, frantic to finish our to-do lists. But, in actuality, the only lists we need are the physical one’s, the hugs and affirmations of those we love and who love us, This has some beautiful imagery in it and your words are potent. So well done, as always.

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