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Heather Thorne is a college student pursuing a degree in nursing. She resides in Maysville WV with her husband and son. Her hobbies include baking, community theater, gardening, and being outdoors. She enjoys writing in a journal for personal reflection.

By Heather Thorne

My heart is empty and broken.
Like a crystal vase crashed on the tile.
Fragments in a heap, more scattered over the floor.
Flowers, once alive and vibrant, now wilting, embracing
cold, hard slate.
Water, uncontained, spreads across grout valleys
carrying slivers of crystal.

I could collect the pieces,
but how could they be put back together?
How can water be recovered, flowers saved?
The pieces are jagged, sharp enough to pierce
exposed skin.

No. Sweep them instead, gather them
inside a box, a wooden box, to keep
me safe from cutting.


One Response to “Broken”

  1. I hope things will be better soon.

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