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Buried Treasure

11.05.19 Posted in today's words by

Donna James’ most recent poem to appear here was “March of Time” (September 2019).

Buried Treasure
By Donna James

We are broken up.
But we are about to begin
a specially arranged treasure
hunt to find each other. We start
from separate places,
follow clues until we meet.

I run into a friend I haven’t seen in years.
It would be rude to leave abruptly.
I try to text you I’ll be late
but my phone won’t input my data,
will not record your name.

I wake.
I remember you’re dead.

I drift off.
The friend takes me to a wedding.
I don’t know bride or groom.
I’m worried I won’t ever find you.
One more night with you,
I plead.

I wake again.
You are still dead.

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