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March of Time

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Donna James’ most recent poem to appear here was “Ruminants” (August 2019).

March of Time
By Donna James

It’s here again.
It drops me to my knees.
Pink popcorn flowering plum;
cellular memory pulling my leg
out from under me.

March slams my breast to ground.
Cobblestone cracks a rib bone.
I suck wisps of air.
I threaten
to stop breathing.

Some ancestor I can’t fathom
sniffed her way to spring. I see her
gazing from her cave, in wait.
Blizzards evicted, drizzle clears to blue.
Breezy heat,

flowering plum. Hundreds of thousands
of revolutions shape bodies.
Tissues respond
to shifts till seasons
are built in bone.

A body knows March.
Despondence springs again
this anniversary;
my body betrays me.
I long to be gone.

One Response to “March of Time”

  1. Wow! Not sure what’s the best, your vision or your imagination.

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