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Bygone (A Contemporary Sonnet)

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Beltran’s work has been seen here before. Genuine and heartfelt, his
poetry is artistic, which makes sense because he is also a visual
artist. This poem is a sonnet, classic in subject, lost love. Read it
with your ears as well as your eyes for this poem is more lyrical than

Bygone (A Contemporary Sonnet)
By Manny Beltran

There was a time when all was right
When all was good and I was happy and gay.
There was a time my heart was complete
When all my joys would come on an endless day.
There was a time when I felt true love
When Heaven’s gates were open for me alone.
There was a time when everything was possible
Where there was a place I could call home.
There was a time when your touch shattered my fears
When love was young and new.
There was a time I believed in us completely
When the world was for me and for you.
    Alas, such days have all gone by,
    So simple for you to say good bye.

One Response to “Bygone (A Contemporary Sonnet)”

  1. sarah says:

    Very moving! Nice use of repetition and stark, powerful ending.

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