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Cancer has a long reach

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Bill Webb’s most recent poem to appear here was Recall (June 2014).

Cancer has a long reach
By Bill Webb

I held your hand
Then we spoke of boys
And embarrassment
Thank God Mom and Dad never suspected
Or we’d have never lasted til today.

And while we reminisce
The tubes stand silently attentive
And the monitors gently beep
Reminding, affirming — yet we own this day.

Your hair, so beautiful
My jealousy, your glory
No longer stands between us
And as you doze, I silently weep
Treasured tears for just one moment
Over what we will not speak

I ration my sorrow
Mourning inch by inch
Strong, that you might not know
The great dam of my grief shall burst
Too soon


2 Responses to “Cancer has a long reach”

  1. Sharon Poch says:

    The sorrow, the unbearable burden of loss. Every word speaks to those who have lost a loved one . . .
    Thank you for sharing,

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