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Hiram Larew is the author of More Than Anything, which is available at this link.

Click here to hear Hiram Larew read this poem:

By Hiram Larew

The problem with honesty is that it’s so bald –
As if lightning had just struck
And combs of all kind were suddenly razors.
Sure, if our hours on earth are numbered
Then it’s best to use every last drop of juice being perfectly truthful.
(But then again, the best double-crossers
Are up on the 68th floor celebrating their plucks out –
They’re giddy looking down on all the little pigeons.)
Love is precious alright
And can only flourish with arms open and candor wide.
On the other hand, mystery makes the heart pop,
And whatever’s imagined or made up
Is nearly as beautiful as winter mist over the Okefenokee.
So with all that in mind
I give you permission just once
To subtract 20 minutes right now
From whatever time it is.

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