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Jeremy Nathan Marks’ most recent poem to appear here was “The tall glass towers” (January 2014)

By Jeremy Nathan Marks

Nearly every night now
my wife will wake
startled at having seen guns
in her dreams

Sometimes they come up as flowers
in carefully tended gardens
she says
their bullets passing through the air
with the gossamer ease of dandelion seeds

Or they ride the buses;
passengers with discounted fares
holding fistfuls of transfers
before boarding subway trains
taking them to offices, malls and museums

And when I ask
what guns? whose guns?
where do they come from?
all that she can say is

That is what they are
and that is from where;
they simply are everywhere.

2 Responses to “Guns”

  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    Unfortunately, it’s true. Guns are everywhere, and it’s frightening.

  2. I’m afraid her nightmares are reality.

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