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If I had carrots on Sunday

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Diana Raab is an award-winning memoirist, poet, and blogger. She is the author of 8 books including the poetry collections Listening to Africa, Dear Anais: My Life in Poems for You, and The Guilt Gene, and the chapbook My Muse Undresses Me. Diana teaches writing for healing around the country and her work is widely published in national trade and literary magazines. her latest collection, Lust, is forthcoming in 2014 by Word Tech Communications. She is a regular blogger for The Huffington Post. Visit her website.

If I had carrots on Sunday
By Diana Raab

Well then
I would fill my bucket
with these fine orange sticks,
find a stable or a field of free-running horses

or if winter time, then I would find
snowmen never given noses
make holes in the middle of their faces
stick the orange stick in
and give them the right to breathe
the fresh air we all crave


If that does not enlighten
I will find some seeing-eye dogs
whose masters house eye problems
and I will puree my carrots
and stuff their mouths full of the orange goop
until they see me making faces at them

That’s what I would do …
if I had carrots on Sunday

Sure beats going to church on Sunday, doesn’t it?


One Response to “If I had carrots on Sunday”

  1. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    I like this poem. Why NOT write a poem about carrots on Sunday? Ms. Raab shows originality and creativity in the many ways one could spend a Sunday while using carrots to touch our imagination! Good imagery with ‘down to earth’ humor!

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