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Happy Birthday Sara Teasdale!

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Sara Teasdale was born on August 8, 1884, in St. Louis, MO. She was sickly, poor thing, and wrote from an early age. In her later years she suffered periods of near-complete disability. Her love life has been the subject of much speculation, for she married a rich man and rejected the poet she is […]

Happy Birthday Alfred Lord Tennyson!

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On August 6, 1809, Alfred Lord Tennyson was born! He was a Victorian poet, the longest-appointed Poet Laureate in the UK, and the first writer given a British title. He is known as a master of meter, and his poetry is fluid and musical. One of his finest works was written over a 17-year period […]

Happy Birthday Percy Bysshe Shelley!

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You all know what today is: the 217th birthday of Percy Bysshe Shelley! You also know that he died just shy of his 30th birthday and that is a sad, sad thing. You also know that he is acclaimed as perhaps the finest poet of all time, that he was a Romantic, that he left […]

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