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Happy Labor Day!

09.08.09 Posted in Occasions, today's words by

It’s Labor Day. You know what that means. Yep. Walt Whitman! This is one of his best known poems and it calls to mind the importance of loving the work that we do. If I had to work at any of the jobs Walt writes about, the song I would sing would be a profane […]

The Unsolved Murder of John Colman

09.07.09 Posted in Occasions, today's words by

It hasn’t been a peaceful sleep for John Colman. His was the first recorded–and as yet, unsolved!–murder in what would one day become metropolitan New York City. On September 6, 1609, our man Colman came to a violent end, the details of which were sketchily reported by a seedy crew mate. Seems our boy Colman […]

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