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Colors of the Orient

07.11.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Eileen Frost’s work has appeared at Cavalcade of the Stars. Colors of the OrientBy Eileen Frost Parchment moon o’er streets of gold,the sleight of dragons’ wings;cherry blossoms, lantern’s glow,the fare of noble kings. Stoic, cliff-faced majesty, spring forthin quaking birth;sleek and stony sentinels hold fastthe fragile earth. Mirror lakes enshroudedin a misty China blue‘neath reaching arms […]


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Justus Honda is a writer from San Francisco CA. SidestreetBy Justus Honda in a dusk-colored side street, laughing wavering faces paint aportrait of a crowd. people in fogbespeckled hats and longweathered coats carve open cardboard boxes; books spillonto the damp sidewalk and are stacked in disorderlyteetering intoxicated man drums arrhythmically on a red aluminumtable, […]


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Christopher Roe’s most recent poem to appear here was The Key (June 2013). FugueBy Christopher Roe The palpable silence of the room, the brittle stillness of the airefficiency humming all around us. The frail figure on the bedonce so vibrant, once so familiar–a stranger now.Whatever we had, had been had and would never exist again.In the hallway, […]

Summer Redundancy With Added Pleonasm

07.01.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Gregory Gunn’s most recent poem to appear here was Provocation Inquisition (May 2013). Summer Redundancy With Added PleonasmBy Gregory Gunn Rooting my eyes tothe knotted spot upon a treelike a revolutionarymilitant among the trimmed- down budding branchesof spring, I pinned earsback for sea-ship’s timbreas well as caroler songand endured the bothersomegnaws of gnats on their lastlegs in […]

Blue and crisp

06.27.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Charlotte Rauner’s most recent poem to appear here was When I watch as you walk (September 2011). Blue and crispBy Charlotte Rauner I was an oceanin my past life, blueand crisp–filled with a shimmer.Glossy I was, lovely,simple. Possibly endlesslynomadic, possibly free. The worst of thewanted people the darkerones, the tallerones, scare easier thanme, misconstrued ocean. Relentlessly whisperingto […]

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