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Sushant Supriye’s most recent poem to appear her was “fear” (August 2016) 

Childhood (Hindi title: Bachpan)
Translated from Hindi
By Sushant Supriye

There was a childhood decades ago,
A childhood full of mirth and laughter.
An innocent presence
beneath the sun, moon, and stars

Childhood was the feather of a bird.
Childhood was the colourful kite
soaring majestically in the sky.
Childhood was the soothing love of mother.
Childhood was the affectionate hug of father.

As time passed,
the feathers of birds got lost.
All the kites got torn.
Mother was called away by the stars.
Father became a part of the sun.

Childhood now is an extinct creature.
Its fossil is found
only in the museum of memories.
It is a lost age
when the horizon was
full of possibilities and promise.

One Response to “Childhood”

  1. Lovely travel down memory lane.

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