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If Children Are the Future

08.20.17 Posted in today's words by

Wendy Freborg’s most recent poem to appear here was “Conversations Among Friends” (June 2017)

If Children are the Future
By Wendy Freborg

If children are the future,
my future has begun to walk.
She toddles with a wide-based gait,
a rocking stance,
hands stretched at her sides.
The joy of mastery is in every step.
No longer content for hours in our arms,
she squirms, protests, wants to explore.
No more quiet play upon a quilt,
the world is at her feet.
I watch with pride although I know,
My future has begun to walk away from me.

One Response to “If Children Are the Future”

  1. Jean M Hendrickson says:

    Wendy, your lilting poem beautifully describes the sweet-sweet experience in watching a child reach his/her milestones and the knowledge that they will soon walk away. Beautifully done.

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