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Let’s have a coffee

08.14.17 Posted in today's words by

T.S. Hidalgo’s most recent poem to appear here was “Letter” (July 2017)

Let´s have a coffee
(as long as it is not a military one)
By T.S. Hidalgo

I decide to stay staring at nowhere,
without trying anything
(I thank you accompany me in my hour break).
I see a man sleeping in a doorway.
The Europe of Coal and Steel,
in the bottom of the stomach.
So I ask for your help:
because of your friendship with smuggling
(or you wanna be lost souls,
mother and daughter?).
Wind clothing is not going to make us turn into wind
(patience doesn’t scare me).
Tell me about the place where we have been locked.
How to furnish selflessness,
what can you say, then, about the lack
(and it´s not possible, of course).

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