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Across the Pond

08.15.17 Posted in today's words by

Michael Fadum writes poems that reflect urban and suburban life.  He’s published in several journals: Blaze Vox, Absolute, Stepping Stones, DM du Jour, and Halycon.  He enjoys hanging with his dogs and drinking micro brews by the fire.

Across the Pond
By Michael Fadum

People worship the red fish or the blue
Thinking that one is better or actually right

Because the words in red
Get stuck in our heads
And we know he didn’t want cattle
Waiting in carts while the rest starve

Like mange-ridden sheep
The men in black suits with beady eyes
Claim to do God’s work
But the purple underneath

Bleeds through the sheets
And the rain that fell mainly in the plain
Never stopped because the flood
Came back in Arkansas and Spain

Little miracles as wolves reclaim
A dormant super volcano and bees
Bring flowers back from the dead

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