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At the coffee shop after the storm

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Christopher Roe’s most recent poem to appear here was Fulcrum found (December 2014).

At the coffee shop after the storm
By Christopher Roe

The windows are all steamed up
the gray world outside is a ghost
the coffee shop alive with chatter
the air filled with the smell of toast.

With a rumble and flashing red lights
snow plows scrape past unseen
the snow is changing over to rain
and sleeping grasses dream of green.

The day is the gray beyond caring
your spirit is in the valley of despair
you feel the urge to move on
but you can’t imagine where.

So you sit by the rain-streaked window
watching the occasional passing ghost
and the only feeling you have is hunger
brought on by the aroma of toast.


2 Responses to “At the coffee shop after the storm”

  1. Michael Roc Thomas says:

    Good verse should scan properly but this doesn’t. The stanzas are therefore clunky & hard to read.

    eg it would help if you added ‘warm’ before toast. This reads better & scans but the same issue lies throughout.


  2. This was warm and inviting. Nice

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