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Colors of the Orient

07.11.13 Posted in words to linger on by

Eileen Frost’s work has appeared at Cavalcade of the Stars.

Colors of the Orient
By Eileen Frost

Parchment moon o’er streets of gold,
the sleight of dragons’ wings;
cherry blossoms, lantern’s glow,
the fare of noble kings.

Stoic, cliff-faced majesty, spring forth
in quaking birth;
sleek and stony sentinels hold fast
the fragile earth.

Mirror lakes enshrouded
in a misty China blue
‘neath reaching arms of evergreens
all strung with pearls of dew.

Silken lady, silver land of mystery and veil … 
however did your peaceful heart become
so drawn and pale?

With books of Red a violent haze
came marching in the street.
With anger black, your vision died;
a nation learned defeat.

With Xeroxed fear, row after row,
your pain reached every soul … 
O, China, mighty conqueror, fell prey
to mind control

Somewhere from deep within your ache,
a “David’s heart” was born
and filled the crying, writhing, Square
the grinding tank had torn.

O, hulking beast, stand silent in the
triumph of the youth!
How powerful the victory
of meekness speaking truth.

Sweet ancient land of longings,
rocky gods with vacant stares,
your winding paths of western dreams
are those the whole world shares … 

… of hope and love triumphant, free of fear
and filled with peace,
o, princely human spirit, may your rainbow
never cease.

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  1. Beautiful. I love the easy flow of your words, and the visualization. Welcome to Vox.

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