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Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags, Sable Dress

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Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags

Sable Dress
By Stan Galloway

I’d never seen that dress before,
so elegant,
a backless, sleeveless sable silk
that clung–but didn’t,
shifting shape so subtly
as to make mirages real
and deft deception
all at once.

I smiled every minute of the office party,
knowing you were there with me,
and knowing all the others knew it too.

The only prick in my balloon
was when you said you’d worn it
to your senior prom,
with someone now
whose name escapes you,
someone who had felt
that silk upon you long before.

Stan Galloway’s most recent poem to appear here was Pool Slide (October 2011).

5 Responses to “Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags, Sable Dress”

  1. What a voice!!! Both “Sable Dress” and “Pool Slide” share the wonderful, sensitive and STRONG feelings of the author, Stan Galloway. I shall look forward to more of his poetry!

  2. bobbie troy says:

    Lovely and poignant, Stan.

  3. Stan says:

    I am humbled, Betty Ruth Speir. Thank you for your enthusiastic response. I will try not to disappoint.

  4. I love the sensual description before that last line. Shame on her. šŸ™‚

  5. Stan says:

    Thank you, Bobbie and Jeanette. Encouragement is always welcome. I’m glad the poem evoked a response in you.

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