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Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays, Mutual Birthday

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Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays
Mutual Birthday

By Lisa M Drago

Oh, he says, I’ll be 67 in February–
why move to a foreign country
where I can’t fly or speak the language?
Blue sky thermals give life meaning.

February? What day in February?

The last day of the month.
The 28th?
He nods.
My breath held, I stare in disbelief.

My finger points to my heart.

You’re born on the 28th, too?
I nod.

We’re speechless.

Astrologically improbable, but true:
We sweethearts share a birthday.
A wintery, lenten time of year–
but for us, full of warmth, love and cheer.

Lisa M Drago’s poem Egret Time appeared here in March 2012.

2 Responses to “Contributor Series 11: On Birthdays, Mutual Birthday”

  1. Lauran says:

    What a wonderful coincidence.

  2. What a lovely tribute to the two of you.

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