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Contributor Series 3: Resolution and Resolve, Resolutions

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Contributor Series 3: Resolution and Resolve
By Eve Hall

Another year has come and gone.
This is the time we make new goals.
Resolutions that we fail to keep that are,
just another way of lying to ourselves.
Plans to lose weight and not stay up late,
that we will save money and spend less,
and not make our lives a terrible mess.

We will be more peaceable,
and not always feel we’re right.
That we will admit to our wrongs,
and try not to fight.

That we will try hard to live and not die,
that we will be truthful and not lie.
That we will love and not hate,
that we will be early not late.

Why do we fool ourselves into making resolutions?
Because we are human.

Eve Hall’s poems Majestic and Still appeared at vox poetica in 2009.

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  1. This is a question the wiser ask and the dreamer does repeatedly.

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