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Contributor Series 3: Resolution and Resolve, The Silence of Wind

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Contributor Series 3: Resolution and Resolve
The Silence of Wind
By Kay Middleton

Florence wants love
respect, recognition.
Maybe she even
wants a chance
to start over,
a reincarnation.

She wants to wear the blue
dress with the ecru lace
collar and the peplum
that makes her
look like she has hips
that sway sassy

when she walks, hips
that melt into her
narrow waist.
Her slender frame,
fragile bones,
frail as her spirit.

Florence often travels
in the lane reserved
for left turns, travels
in constant danger
of oncoming traffic,
fear filled streets

bordered in prayer.
Her eyes rain
crazy for weeks
supplying moats
of anger and confusion
or the other way ’round?

She contemplates her body;
a maze of blood tunnels,
nerve highways, effervescent scars
scattered on failing flesh
like fish scales on the floor.

Florence fingers a crucifix
on a beaded
gold rope
listens to the silence
of wind,
swallows more pills,
and sleeps.

Kay Middleton’s poems O, October what have you done (with audio!); til death do us part; and Moving in have appeared at vox poetica in 2009.

2 Responses to “Contributor Series 3: Resolution and Resolve, The Silence of Wind”

  1. Kay, I love your prose poem. It’s so true to life. I was there standing behind her. Sharing her thoughts.

  2. Sarah says:

    So powerful, Kay! Haunting, evocative, and beautifully written.

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