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Contributor Series 5: Dramatis Personae, I Am

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Contributor Series 5: Dramatis Personae
I am
By Jimmi Ware-Phillips

I am “that” poet
She who preaches peace
Praying for innocents to be released
I am but a leaf on the tree of history
With strong roots, tall boots and ephemeral youth
Let me share some truth
I am a black redhead with brown eyes
I hate racism and lies
I love family and global ties
I weep for those in pain
I twice gave back their name
I know from whence I came
I adore Dr. Seuss and summer rain
I was touched by an angel
I’m not the same
I knew heartache, heartbreak
Stood at the Arctic Ocean and a great lake
I was hugged by Nikki Giovanni,
Danny Glover, not too often by my mother
I once wanted to be a dancer
Long before my father had cancer
The hardest word I’ve ever heard was
Good bye
I prefer to shed tears of joy
When I cry
Love is as amazing as the freckles on my face
He is leather and I am lace
We appreciate this Blessing
Humbled by grace
I am beginning to see my mother in the mirror
Wisdom has a way of making life clearer
I still hold my dreams near
I know why I am here
Warrior Princess, Nubian queen
Never the imagine in your magazine
Friend, sister, mother, daughter
When they thirst I am water
No matter where you come from
Show me a smile
It all works out
After a while
Never doubt whether I read
Green Eggs and Ham
It inspired the Poet I am.

Jimmi Ware-Phillips’s poetry has appeared at vox poetica in 2009 and 2010. Her most recent poem, Homelessness … it’s real, appeared in 2010.

2 Responses to “Contributor Series 5: Dramatis Personae, I Am”

  1. Patti Forehand says:

    This is an incredible piece, I love it love it love it! You capture the heart of the series and made it lyrical, fluid, captivating, humorous and heartwarming! Bravo! Keep writing and let me know where I can purchase a poetry book By Jimmi Ware-Phillips.

  2. Sarah says:

    Awesome! Love your voice and creativity.

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