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Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine, Aloha

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Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine
By Mildred Speidel

I had seen you from afar
while sitting on the beach

you with the lovely brown
skin, the black hair.

Now you notice me
watching you!

It seemed your idea of
impressing me was to

shimmy to the tip of the
tallest tree, machete

in hand and cut a
coconut, big enough 
for two or more.

It worked! You came and
sat with me, cutting this
luscious fruit into quarters

at first offering it to me
then taking the chance
of putting it in my open
mouth … sweet.
Aloha indeed.

Mildred Speidel’s most recent poem to appear at vox poetica was Love on a Rainy Day, published in March 2011.

4 Responses to “Contributor Series 8: Feast and Famine, Aloha”

  1. Christine Tapson says:

    What a lovely Love Story, Mildred! Yummy on all counts…

  2. Ahhh, Mildred. The visual is strong and enticing.

  3. clarissa mcfairy says:

    Mildred, this is luscious writing; one of your very best.

  4. Mildred Speidel says:

    Thank you ladies for the encouraging words. I wish you all could have been with me on that island! Next time he will serve me (us) pineapples and pina colada’s. Deal?

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