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Cricket in the Hall

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Nicole Poulain Garcia began writing poetry at the age of 9 after reading a bit of Shakespeare. The allure and beauty of the words inspired her to try her own hand and she has kept on writing ever since. She has had poems published at Moon Drenched Fables and Moon Washed Kisses under the name of “Elora Carmen.” Nicole has also had work published at GGN Christian newsletter. Nicole is working on an epic fantasy trilogy and hopes to publish the first book in the coming year under the pseudonym Elora Z Carmen.

Cricket in the Hall
By Nicole Poulain Garcia

These last two nights
You’ve kept company
Like a minstrel,
Singing in my Hall.
Yet unseen
In that, like a wraith
Singing a song
From here, there–I can’t recall.
Yet you comfort me with music
In these lonely hours
Like a player, that slides and plucks
Soothing, so soothing … somehow making me
Not feel so lonely … 
Perhaps the Chinese have it right–
You do bring us luck.
So, Minstrel in my Hall,
Sing and croon away–
Slide, play, and pluck.

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