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Cycle of Hope

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Angela M Carter was born and raised in a Virginia farm town of fewer than 280 souls. She moved abroad for 5 years and returned to Virginia, where she lives today with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs. Her first book, Memory Chose a Woman’s Body, a poetic memoir, was released earlier this year by Unbound Content. Visit her website.

Cycle of Hope
By Angela M Carter

No matter who your god is
he, she, they are flinching at how
life forms hurt, yet need, each other.
It begins with leaves needing the sun,
the sun giving too much,
while the skies do not give enough rain.
It carries on with a child,
cowering behind the legs of his protectors,
and they are the ones he should fear.
There is a silence that comes once we
are used to doing without;
even a dog learns when no one will come
but still yearns for his master.
This whole world, a braid slightly undone
not long after the photo smile is caught
in the cage of a frame.
What we cannot live without
is what scares us to the end;
that even though love causes the deepest sorrows,
it’s crucial enough that we continue
to seek it until our last moments.


2 Responses to “Cycle of Hope”

  1. Kay Middleton says:

    I like the philosophy of this and how it lacks the preachness of some similiar musings. I especially like the lines
    “This whole worls, a braid slighty undone
    not long after the photo smile is caught
    int the cage of a frame.”
    Excellent images and metaphors, both.

  2. The human mind tries to stay ahead of the human soul.

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