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AE Bayne has been writing poetry ever since Mrs Petersen had her 4th grade class write poems about colors. AE is a teacher, a writer, a daughter, and a mother. For further insight, visit her web site.

By AE Bayne

When you were a child
And sleep overtook you in your mother’s ample arms,
Your eyelids fluttered coyly at dreams.
The rhythmic huffing of her breast
Rocked you toward another world.
Your eyes opened and then closed;
You were gone.

When you were a boy,
The dreams came in sprays of color
Like slick oil from a genie’s bottle.
You hugged your pillow tightly,
Rode waves,
And woke on a foreign shore whose
Untried waters toyed with your stubbly cheek.

When you were a young man
You dreamed a waking life.
Audacious, candid, and incredulous,
You conquered,
Never closing an eye for fear the world
Would dip you head first into wells of destitution and obscurity.

When you were an aged man you slept,
Dreaming fitful plots that twined through remnants and regrets.
Yours were the dreams of the heart drum and thread weaver,
embellished by wisdom pearls and time’s tortures.
You balanced the moment with your toes wriggled deeply
Into the sands of past and future.

Now you are a child,
And sleep overtakes you in your mother’s swaying womb
As you deliver a dream that says,
I am the new day. 
The rhythmic thumping of her heartbeat
Presses you toward an outer world.
Your eyes are closed and then opened;
You are here.

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