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Dazzle me snow

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Charlotte Rauner’s most recent poem to appear here was Untitled (May 2011). Who can resist a poem about snow in summer? And who can ever truly know the moon?

Dazzle me snow
By Charlotte Rauner

Dazzle me snow
under your breath
whisper the secrets
the moon has told you.

Sprinkle the words
gently and slowly
into open ears.

My eyes will shut
with an emotion
unable yet to be described.

Don’t worry, snow
all will be good
the moon’s song
will come easy.

And the breath
will be ever peaceful.
Snow, if only you knew
those secrets, the words,
that feeling with song.

Snow, if only you knew 
the moon.

2 Responses to “Dazzle me snow”

  1. Nice piece of poetry.

  2. bobbie troy says:

    I love the “conversation” with the snow and the idea of knowing about the moon. Lovely piece.

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