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Death Divides a Life

03.27.17 Posted in today's words by

Murray Dunlap’s most recent poem to appear here was “Wait (quiet will come)” (February 2017)

Death Divides a Life
By Murray Dunlap

A red light killed me
An old Murray
A life divided
A new Murray has amnesia
An old life forgotten
But a new Murray writes a book
Marries a priest
Moves often, moves on
But a new home is found
A new life
With a refined wife
An old Murray had plans
A new Murray starts over
Reinvents himself
In spectacular fashion
The death of Murray
An insurmountable obstacle
The birth of a new Murray
Peace, at last

3 Responses to “Death Divides a Life”

  1. H. Larew says:

    I enjoyed meeting the new and the old Murray. Thanks for sharing this piece. HGL

  2. Bobbie Troy says:

    Wow! Yes to peace.

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