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Deep Inside

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Lori Izykowski’s most recent poem to appear here was The 82nd Floor (Stanley and Brian) (November 2011).

Deep Inside

By Lori Izykowski

The feeling inside,
the one that I’ve always had.
Is it possible this is and
always has been depression?

Or is it possible, the feeling inside … 
is just me … feeling.
How do we know who we really are?
Am I this feeling?

Hard to describe, this feeling;
melancholy … sadness … loneliness … 
yearning … but over what?
And does this feeling define me?

How much of ourselves do we accept
as simply innateness?
How much of what we feel, deep inside,
since childhood, simply just is us?

So much brings me joy … nature, love
of family and friends, and yet there,
deep inside, is that feeling … 
I think I should get to know me better.

One Response to “Deep Inside”

  1. I’ve read this three times and each time I find another new meaning. Good job.

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