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Harris Tobias’ most recent poem to appear here was Buddha (June 2015).

By Harris Tobias

I saw myself in the mirror this morning.
Naked, old and wrinkled.
I have spent the rest of the day interviewing adjectives
To describe precisely what I saw
Pasty and saggy came to mind.
Strong contenders both
But too light to convey
Exactly what stood there.
Cole slaw comes to mind
As does butterball
The plump, plucked turkey flesh
Is closer to the core
But mere words fail to capture
That pale and wasted landscape
That is me.
I will have to think on this some more.
This bulging flaccid mound I have become
Defies description.
The only thing I can say on its behalf
Is that it still lives and laughs
And thinks of its depiction.


One Response to “Description”

  1. Regardless of what you saw. We see a great poet and story teller.

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