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Rajiv Khandelwal’s most recent poem to appear here was “If They Ask” (October 2019).

By Rajiv Khandelwal

People had spotted
Seeing him walk shoeless
To the coal-tar road
In sweltering heat
With the hot softened tar
Sticking to his soles
And searing his skin
As if he embraced the pain

Some people had observed
That he used to sit for hours
At the bus-stop
Like a traveler without a defined map
Waiting for the screeching sound of wheels
On that disused dirt road
That had not ever seen a bus
Since his school days

Some were eye witness
That for extended time stretches
He would stare sluggishly
At the old dilapidated unused school building
As if wishing
Like the boat drifting at random
To dock at its shore

Very few knew
That it was this school
He used to study with the love of his life

He scarcely spoke
Seldom smiled

But some passersby had claimed
That he laughed
A laugh of merry scorn

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