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If They Ask

10.22.19 Posted in today's words by

Rajiv Khandelwal lives and writes in Agra, India.

If They Ask
By Rajiv Khandelwal

If they ask
Tell them their grandfather
Was studious
Was a sportsman
Was a dramatist
Was a singer
Was a prolific reader

If they ask
Tell them
He was a loner
He was mostly an introvert
He was a perfectionist

If they ask
Tell them
When he played at being an extrovert
He was as charming as a playful kid
He was a slick speaker
He was a great leader
Liked and loved by most

If they still ask
Tell anything that comes to your mind

Or just this-moment-generated-little-white-lie

But never tell them
He tried
To be a good father

One Response to “If They Ask”

  1. We hear this all to often. Life, is a contraversy.

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